Thursday, April 9, 2009

A fun time with a girl!

It wasn't very long ago, just last weekend actually. To set the scene, she is a very OMG HOT HOT blond 5'7", 22 y/o, just perfect in every way. We have been friends for about 7 months. In those 7 months I have always flirted with her, tried to hangout with her as much as possible, just did girly things. When i would see her naked I would look at her like i wanted to eat her and she never really shied away. But since she has never been with a girl I never overly pressed it, she also dumped her boyfriend of 3 years a month ago. She was strict with cheating rules, so I never pushed past harmless flirting a dirty day dreaming.

SO back to last weekend; It was friday afternoon and I was getting ready to go to work, on my way droping my son off at his sitters house. Ashley (her name) calls me on my cell ALL kinds of hyper. Was actually good to hear her so upbeat b/c she has been pretty down about her breakup. She told me I had no choice and we were going out and partying. I was about to come back and tell her I had to work, but then again I want her and I make my own schedule lol. So I droped my son off and instead went and picked her up. We went and had lunch and she finally told me what she was so excited about. She told me she got a call back from a major photographing studio in New York. SHe looked like she had just won the Lottery, shoot in someways she did. After lunch we went and got glamourus, she was treating us to very upscale club in Scottsdale, Az. We are talking VIP list only kind of club. So we go get our hair done, go shopping a bit, get our nails done everything a girl needs to relax hehe.

Later that night while we were at her house getting ready, I walked into her room right as she was pulling her dress up. I went from flirtying to touching. I walked up to her and carressed her back with my nails and gave her a very light kiss on her very exposed neck. It sent shivers down her spin, and mine to for that matter. I let her finish pulling up her dress and she cought me off guard by saying "Ohh you just wait till we are done at the club!" it took my breath away and I was in lala land all night just from those words. We had ALOT of fun at the club, there was ALOT of hot guys and sexy girls, but my attintion was on Ashley all night. We had fun, we drank a bit more then ai useally do and started tormenting guys. We were all over each other on the dance floor, we would pull some random hot guy and damn near mollest him on the dance floor then go back to each other. It was great. While we were dancing her hands were ALL over me, it felt like an Angel was touching me. Lets just say our outfits were pretty small, so there was alot for her to touch. My hands were all over her just the same. Her skin was like silk, smoother then a baby. We could tell we were driving alot of guys nutz while we were at the club, we would start kissing each others necks. We were teasing each other just as much as we were teasing the guys.

When we were getting ready to leave, while we were waiting for our cab, we were sitting on a bench outside the club. She decided to sit on my lap and landed the hottest kiss on me. It seemed like it lasted forever. OUr cab came shortly after that and wow did he get a show. We were ALL over each other in the back of the cab. She took my thong off in the back of the cab!!! Once we were finally at her place you couldnt have sperated us with a water hose. Once we got inside we were hot and heavy into it. Broke a couple picture frames while we were at it lol. We didnt take our time stripping each other. I put her on a chair, turned some music on and gave her a lap dance almost any guy would have paid to see lol. Stripping her and myself while I rubbed all over her with every part of my body. We were biting and pulling each others hair, scratching and moaning. Ohh her moan, it in itself got my pussy wet. Then she stuck 2 fingers inside me, it was like heaven. Looking into her buitifull blue eyes while she pulled my hair and grinded her palm on my clit. She had me cumming in less then 5 minutes. It was an orgasim that took my breath away. Thats when I pushed her off me and onto the couch. Only thing she had on was some lacey black booty shorts. As HOT as she was in them, I hurried her out of them, ok I pulled them off her lol. I started kissing her neck and worked my way down slowly to her breasts, idling there for a minute untill each nipple was rock hard. Then i kissed my way down to her pelvis and kissed every inch of her perfectly shaped hips and belly button. I then put my mouth on her shaved pussy and it tasted ohh so sweet. I started licking the outside of lightly. SHe was arching in pleasure. I then stuck my tongue in between her slit and start sucking on her clit. That drover her up the wall, she was moaning so load it was amazing. Then i stuck 2 fingers in her while i was sucking and licking on her clit. I stayed between her legs for atleast 20 minutes. She came 5 times, and was shaking when i got done. Her last orgasim made her squirt across the couch. She was screaming in pleasure, pulling my hair, clintching anything in her grasp. Her toes were curlying. She pulled my legs close enough to her reach and started rubbing her fingers on my clit before she started cumming. She played with my clit while I fingered her for a good 3 minutes and when she was squirting we were both screaming in pleasure. It was like I felt her last orgasim. I left her breathless and speachless for a good 5 minutes or more afterwards. We ended the night by grabing a HUGE blanket, curlying up on the floor in front of the TV and laying there together till the next morning. I cant wait till she gets back from New York, she left yesterday and is gone for 2 weeks. Maybe next time we will record it...

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