Sunday, July 19, 2009

been a long while again I am sorry

ok so I have been a little busy lately. Been working on my site and starting to build my little network of hardcore girl sites for your viewing pleasure.

I had a small shoot today. Got a little lost enough tho I have been there before. hehe sometimes this redhead can be blonde. Once I got there the poor producer had a really mad headache and was not sure what he wanted to make the plot has. (I am really glad he was a sport and did not cancel on me) So the plot ended up being I came over to his house 2 hours before he was supposed to do another shoot with another girl and had a headache and had writers block and could not think of anything to the plot. So ya ended up working out just fine hehe. Then I did one other little scene for him. I sat on the couch with my cute pink and black school girl skirt and my white shirt with stripper heels. I teased the camera has if I was talking to someone jerking off to me. I told him when to jerk off, how fast, slow down, and to stop and not cum. =P I did that for about 25 mins. I ended it with the person could not cum but I could. He(producer) wanted it to end with the person gets to cum but he seemed to still like the way it ended. Pretty easy day and fun. =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009