Saturday, May 9, 2009

fun shoot

Ok so the day started off with me getting my lazy ass out of bed. Got ready, I am getting faster at throwing my make up on and making it look pretty good. On the way to the shoot traffic was pretty good.
So the shoot is a guy I have shot with before so I knew him. The shoot is a foot fetish. (I do alot of those) The first thing we did was some pics of me in socks and shoes. U know the normal foot stuff =) but I did one kinda weird thing while I was there . and I have don't this one before for him but did not ever think I would have to do it again. But I guess I am so good at it a bunch of people asked for me to do it again for the site. I had to pretend to eat a little person. I had to like him and make fun of his very small penis. lol ( kinda fun) But this time I put a very small toy man in my mouth and eat him. ok I did not really eat him but the way the footage is getting edited it will look like it. I had taken the toy out and and put some Pez in my mouth and eat that. The he wanted to try to make it seem like the little person(toy) was juicy. Really didn't work right. We tried 2 grapes, then I tried 4. It was a no on that. Any ways after the shoot. On the way home the traffic was so freaking bad. and I was hungry which didn't help with the fact that every dumb person was out on the freeways in Arizona. You silly gooses need to get off the phone and drive. good grief! lol I'm done going off. I got on for a while. Talked about my site on there. oh and of course I played with my self while every one watched. I really enjoy my job, just could go with out the "talking on the phone nonsense drivers" xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Smokie Flame

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